Many of you might have heard about commercial register UK (which is widely known as England Commercial Register) by now. In a nutshell, commercial register UK is a fraud (a scam). This scam is done mainly by sending a letter to companies based in the UK. The main target of these scammers is sole traders and small-scale businesses. As a part of the commercial register UK scam, businesses get a letter (which has a very official appearance). This respective letter is convincing enough for some people. Such letter demands people to sign it is and submit. Once the document (the letter) is signed, you will receive another document. This document consists of a bill and it will ask the respective receiver to pay a certain amount as an advertising fee.

Identifying commercial register UK document

A commercial register UK document may consist some or all of the following characteristics and it appears to be very official at a glance.

It will emphasize the term “Publication of Companies”. This term is used to show that it has a relationship to the Companies House. It will also have deadlines (to fill and submit). These documents may encourage the receiver to take it seriously. Also, it will indirectly threaten you by mentioning an option like “Removal of Company details”; such terms will make the business owner think that they are going to lose something if the instructions weren’t followed properly.

The best approach after receiving such letter is to neglect it. In fact, you shouldn’t deal with any other institution other than the Companies House when it comes to the official matters related to your business registration. However, by any chance, if you have returned any form, you should avoid paying any money; instead, contact a solicitor.

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