The role of the registrar of companies UK is played by the Companies House. In other words, if you have to register a company in the UK, you must deal with the Companies House.

Being the registrar of companies UK, Companies House offers a range of services to those who wish to incorporate new businesses. In fact, they are the Executive Agency of the UK Government. The Companies Act of the UK has permitted Companies House to deal with the incorporation process. Generally, registrar of companies UK demands companies to follow a certain set of rules and regulations in order to be eligible for incorporation.

They (registrar of companies UK) consider both England and Wales as one state. However, Scotland, on the other hand, considered to be a separate body by them. To stand as a legitimate company in the UK, you should register your business with the Companies House. The respective business should provide an official address and a responsible officer to handle the communication process with the registrar of companies UK. Apart from that, the company should provide the information of at least one shareholder.

If you are a company, you will also be asked by the Companies House to work on strict deadlines. Failing to submit the reports on time will cause you to pay penalties. In fact, as a business, you should communicate with the registrar of companies UK from the point of deciding a company name. They maintain an index of companies; they will check the availability of the name you have already picked and let you know the future proceedings. Most of the companies choose to hire a company formation agent to handle the tasks with the registrar of companies UK; it minimizes potential delays and mistakes that may occur from your end.


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