The fact is that registering a business in every country is different. It looks like every country has come up with a specific set of rules and regulations to cover this process. Of course, the United Kingdom is no different. Some people say that registering a company in this country is more difficult compared to other countries, but they are probably not familiar with all the details of the procedure. The fact is that How to register a business UK is one of the most asked questions on the Internet among entrepreneurs and business-oriented people.

How to Register a Business UK – the Easy Way

First and foremost, let us highlight the fact that there are some clear rules and procedures that every future business owner must follow. One of the first things that you should do is to ensure that the name you have selected for your company is available and legal. Remember that when a UK company comes with an Inc or CO right after the unique name, it is impossible to register variations of the given name. To put it simply, look for a completely unique name for your company and you won’t have any problems. This is the only way to get accepted by the Companies House.

In case you didn’t know, the Companies House is the name of the organization where every future business owner has to register their company. So, when you have selected a company name, you should file a Form 12. This form represents a declaration that you stand behind the information you’ve provided and that the application is absolutely correct. If something is not right, the Companies House will reject your application. With Form 12, you will state that in case there is false information, you are accepting the fact that you may be prosecuted.

While we are talking about forms, we will also mention Form 10. This form contains the basic information about your company used in the process of registration. You must fill all the required information. In case you are changing something in the future, you will have to resubmit this form.

Furthermore, business owners must select all the necessary officers in the company like directors and/or shareholders in some cases. This activity is conducted before the registration. This is quite natural because you have to prove that these individuals are accepting their roles in the company. In addition, by signing the documents, they will confirm that they accept responsibility for specific situations.

The list of requirements continues with the selection of a secretary and a director. There is a possibility to select two or more directors. Keep in mind that the secretary can have the role of a director too, but then the company must have another director. Finally, any business must have a street address. This legal street address can come in the form of a PO Box if you want to.

To speed up the process of registering a business, look for professional registration agents. How to register a business UK is a question that they can answer in the best possible way.


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