The UK is known across the globe for its thriving, solid economy and the endless opportunities. Therefore, many entrepreneurs have the common dream to register a company  and enjoy a bit of the prosperity. As of now, there are more than 5 million registered companies in the UK and the number keeps growing at a rapid speed. When you register a company UK, you will get a lot of support and guidance from respective government institutes.

Standard way to register a company

When you register a company UK, you should consider the following options

  • Private (limited)company (either limited by shares or by guarantee)
  • Private (unlimited) company
  • Public limited company

Once the type of the company is decided, you have to look for a good name for the business. It is obvious that the company name you choose should be unique and it mustn’t resemble any existing name. Besides, it is always better to pick a company name that emphasizes the nature of the business and sound perfect. The name of the company can create a very strong impression on the audience and therefore, you should decide a powerful name for the company. Once the name is decided, you should check with the Companies House if the respective name if available for you. If everything is OK, you may consider reserving a domain for your business; as of today, a website is mandatory for any business.

Although any citizen can register a company UK and there are plenty of resources to use, it is still the best practice to get the assistance of a professional. The Companies House is the government’s authorized body to handle company registration issues and they always demand a high amount of professionalism and systematic approach.



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