Company formation in the UK is quite simple and easy, but there are some costs involved in this process that every future company owner should be aware of. The company formation costs are closely related to the method selected for Companies House incorporation. The truth is that there is more than option available to business owners, but the simplest and most used method to form a limited company is with the help of an authorised company formation agency. With the help of a company like outs, you will register a brand new company as fast as possible. We have company formation offers that come with a realistic price.

Taking company formation costs into account

As we said before, there are a few ways to register a company in the UK and each way comes with different costs. First of all, it is possible to create a limited company with the help of the official Web Incorporation Service. This service is managed by the Companies House. But, people can select this method only if they are interested in forming private companies limited by shares that come with Model articles of association. A process like this lasts two days or less and comes with 10 GBP fee. In addition, in case you have an application that has some errors and mistakes, you will get it back by post and you have to send it back once you remove these errors. In case they have asked for additional information and documentation, you will also have to send these things via post. In other words, you are not allowed to send these documents through their web service.

Another option is to form a limited company by the regular postal application. This was one of the most used methods in the past. A typical postal application is processed after eight to ten days. An application like this comes with a 40 GBP fee. Once again, in case you have filed an application that contains errors, you will get it back by post and you have to fix the errors and send the application by post again. In other words, it will take some time before the process is finished.

Using online registration services can save you money

Thanks to financial experts focused on company formation like our company, it is possible to form any kind of company at a fair price. For instance, you can set up a limited company for 10 GBP + VAT. You can also register a Limited Liability Partnership or another form of company.

No matter what kind of company you want to register, you will have to finish four simple steps during the process. First of all, you need a unique company name. Next, you have to choose one of the company formation packages we have. After that, you must pay the packages you’ve selected. Finally, you will have to fill the online application form.

Company formation costs don’t have to be enormous. If you want to save time, energy and money, you should choose our professional services.



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