The term company number UK is often used to signify Company Registration Number (CRN). Just like the term suggests, company number UK is actually a number that consists of eight unique characters and this respective number is assigned to a business at the time of incorporating. So, it works as an identification number and technically two businesses cannot have the same company number UK. Once assigned, Companies House will print this respective number on the certificate of incorporation.

Who gets a company number UK?

You can obtain a company registration number of you incorporate a business either in the form of a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership. Most of the time, this respective number is called as CRN and many people identify this respective identification method as Companies House Number too.

As mentioned earlier, the Companies House Number includes 8 characters. This respective identification can either be made out of 8 digits or 2 letters and 6 digits. Apart from printing this number on your certificate of incorporation, it will be included in the public register when they fill out the details of your company.

Can you change your CRN?

Well, as a matter of fact, NO! Once assigned, your company number UK is permanent as long as your business exists. This number is generated using a special computer system utilizing the information such as the location of the business, the type of the business etc.

What are the Characteristics of CRN?

The formation of the CRN will signify some important information. In other words, by looking at the company number UK, you can get a basic idea about the formation of the company.

  • The companies incorporated in England and Wales begin with ZERO
  • The companies incorporated in Scotland will begin with two letters, SC
  • If the company Is
  • CRNs that begin with OC are assigned to LLP (Limited liability partnerships)
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