Registering a company in the United Kingdom is a relatively simple process which includes some formalities. During this process, future business owners will learn a few specific terms and certificate of incorporation is one of them. Namely, certificates of incorporation represent documents that are issued to every UK company at the moment they are officially registered with Companies House. In other words, this is the certificate that can confirm that a certain business is incorporated under the Companies Act.

The procedure of getting certificates of incorporation

As we already mentioned, Companies House will provide a certificate like this whenever an application for company registration is approved. In case you want to register a company over the Internet with the help of a professional company formation agent, you will get this certificate in a PDF format on your email at the moment when your application is approved. It usually takes about 3 working hours after the submission to get this certificate.

Of course, you can also finish this procedure with a postal application. However, in this case, you’ll have to wait for a few days for the physical certificate to arrive. It takes between 8 and 10 days to complete this process. In other words, it’s much more reasonable to finish this task online.

What does the certificate of incorporation include?

This certificate includes important information like registered company name, the area where the company is registered, CRN (Company Registration Number), company structure, date of official incorporation, issuing registrar, the official seal of the Companies House, the exact Companies Act used for the registration and the Royal Coat of Arms.

A few other things that you should know about certificates of incorporation

For starters, you should know when you should get this certificate. Keep in mind that when you decide to open a business bank account you will have to show this document. In addition, when you want to apply for any type of loan, if you want to sell your company or in case you want to sell shares to investors, you will need to provide the certificate of incorporation.

There are situations when business owners lose their certificates of incorporation. In case you use a professional company formation service provider, there is a great chance that they have a copy of the certificate. You can also find it in your email sent from Companies House. Getting a physical copy of this certificate will cost you a few pounds.

Finally, there are cases when people want to change the name of their company. For instance, they might want to rebrand their business. In case you want to do something like this, you can get a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name from Companies House. Everything in this certificate will be the same as before except the company name.

As you can see, certificates of incorporation are one of the most important documents obtained during the process of company formation. The best idea is to use a professional company formation service provider to get this certificate.


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