There are many people who are planning on launching a business in the United Kingdom. This is quite natural because the United Kingdom is one of the countries that always support entrepreneurs and people interested in doing business in general. As a result of that, they have made the process of company registration as simple as possible. One of the first things that you should figure out in this process is how to register a company name,

How to register a company name: a short guide

First of all, keep in mind that the business name is registered with Companies House. Once you come up with a business name, you should check whether this name is available. In other words, no other company can have the same name or even a name that sounds and looks very similar. That’s why it may be a good move to consider a few names before the process begins.

Don’t forget that Companies House has the right to reject names due to different reasons. For instance, they can reject your proposed company name as offensive, or as a name that includes controversial expressions or words or sensitive phrases or words that suggest that you are somehow connected to the government.

If the name is approved, Companies House will provide a certificate that you can use as a proof that the name is registered. After that, they will add the name to the registered list of companies. This list is available to the public.

If you are planning on selecting a company name, try to find a name that will match a website domain name. It is very easy to find out whether the name is available or not by visiting the websites of popular domain registrars.

Registering a trademark

While we are talking about company name registration, it may be a good idea to share a few thoughts on trademark registration. Business owners should be aware that this process is longer and more expensive compared to ordinary company name registration. That’s why it may be a smart move to hire a professional in this field that will take care of these activities. There are many companies that can help you, but our advice is to stick to the ones with a good reputation.

Other things to remember

Let’s not forget that registering a company name is just the first step in this process. As we said before, the authorities in the United Kingdom have kept things very simple and easy, but there are still a few other steps that you should take to register your company in the UK. For instance, you will have to choose an official company address. Next, you have to select a SIC code for your company, appoint a company director or a few directors, design the structure of your company select persons of significant control/company shareholders, sign a statement of compliance and cover the company formation fee.

We hope that this article has answered one of the most important questions frequently asked by prospective business owners in the UK – How to register a company name?




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