If you intend to form a limited company UK instead of a sole proprietorship, you must be prepared to accept various types of expenses in addition to the administrative tasks. Despite the additional costs and added administrative tasks, however, a limited company UK will deliver you a range of benefits.

One of the biggest advantages of forming a limited company UK is that its limited liability. If you maintain your business as a sole proprietorship, you should be responsible for all the potential debts. When it comes to a limited company UK, the company itself is treated as a separate legal entity before the law and therefore, no risk of personal bankruptcy is involved. The liability of the owners is limited to the shares they own and therefore, the risk is minimal with a limited company UK. Because of this very reason, limited company UK structure has become a very popular option among the entrepreneurs these days.

In most of the cases, having a limited company UK is a better approach; other companies and customers prefer to deal with a properly formed limited company UK over a sole proprietorship. Starting a limited company can be done by yourself; however, most of the entrepreneurs prefer to hire company formation agent to accomplish this task. Filling out forms, handling documentation work, dealing with various institutes and organizing other administrative tasks related to company formation can be pretty intimidating for an entrepreneur. Therefore, it is totally fine to go for the service of a company formation agent. Of course they charge some amount in return for the service they offer and still it is a good investment in terms of assuring the peace of mind. If you perform a Google search, you will find that there is no shortage of options when it comes to company formation agents.

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