If you are planning on exporting or importing products from the EU, you will need to get familiar with many different terms. One of these terms is EORI number. Every UK company needs an EORI number UK in case they want to export or import any kind of commercial goods from other countries than the European Union. Now let’s explain the details associated with this number.

EORI number UK explained

To put it in simple words, an EORI number UK is actually an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number. These numbers are part of a system introduced in 2009. Before the EORI system, there was a TURN system.

Keep in mind that not every UK company needs a number like this. However, any business importing/exporting commercial cargo from countries and regions that are not part of the European Union must have a unique EORI number. Don’t forget that the same number is used in the correspondence between customs authorities of the UK and other EU countries. So, the main reason why the EORI number exists is to provide better access to statistics and to promote security. In case you are exporting/importing products within the European Union for your private use, there is no need to use an EORI number. Things might change with the Brexit, but at this moment, the same EORI number UK rules are in place.

The mechanics behind the EORI number

If you want to get an EORI number, you will have to go online, find a form and submit it to HMRC. Of course, you can always hire an experienced agency focused on these activities to do all these things for you.

In case you want to export products with the help of air freight or via sea, you must get the EORI number before shipping these products. On the other hand, when you are importing products, you will need to get this unique number before the products arrive in the United Kingdom.

Those interested in applying for this important number should definitely look for professional help. When using a service provider focused on EORI numbers, you can expect to get the details of the technical procedures involved in this process. All you have to do is to fill this information in and submit the online form. It won’t take more than a few days to receive a number like this.

Keep in mind that VAT registered enterprises will receive an EORI number that is actually an extension of their existing VAT number. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have to apply for an EORI number. On the contrary, they still have to do this and the number they get will get a GB before the VAT number and 000 at the end.

It is possible to apply for an EORI number whenever you want. As previously mentioned, if you are planning on importing and exporting goods out of the EU, you should finish this procedure and get the EORI number UK as soon as possible.

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