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Limited company by shares and Limited Liability Partnership

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Ltd (Limited) by Shares

A company is an organisation that is required to be set up in order to run a business. A limited company can be opened by anyone, so long as they are over sixteen years of age. The person setting the company up is not required to be a UK national, they can be from any country.

If you are looking to company formation UK service we can offer some advice on the process, as well as the availability of our bespoke services that remove any of the hassle you might face as we personally deal with every requirement each step on the way to give you guaranteed peace of mind and an efficient, reliable service.

Directors are responsible for the running of a limited company. Any limited company MUST HAVE a director. Every limited company also has a select group of members  these being the people or organisations who own shares in the company. Directors often own shares, and in the case of many smaller companies, the director may well be the sole shareholder. The director has to be an actual person, whereas another business can be a shareholder as well as the company director or other people. Company directors aren’t personally responsible for debts the business can’t pay if it goes wrong, as long as they haven?t broken any laws. The finances of the limited company are separate from the personal finances of the individual or individuals that own and run the limited company.

If you are looking to register a limited company and want us to take care of everything, then all of the registration processes is completed online in the space of 24 hours by one of our dedicated and qualified staff. Unlike many other formation companies, we do all our document submission service manually so as to avoid any mistakes. We normally set a number of shares to 100, if you require more than this we can easily set up a larger amount.

For company registration, you will need a company registration address which we will provide as part of our service. Your company must have at least one director and one shareholder, though as mentioned it can be same person if so required.

To complete the registration, you will need to provide us with your preferred company name, which cannot be the same as that of any existing registered company, along with the name of the director and shareholder and their requisite dates of birth, nationalities and addresses. Copies of passports and proof of addresses will be required to validate these details  all of which can be emailed to our office.

After company formation you will receive the following documents by email: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, Article, First Minute and a Shares Certificate. If you require hard copy documentation of these items we can print and send these out by post for an additional the postage fee.

It is possible to have certain official UK documents legalised by asking the Legalisation Office to confirm that the signature, stamp or seal is from a UK public official. The Legalisation Office will check these, and if genuine, they will legalise the document by attaching a stamped official apostille to it. If you need documents to be apostilled we can organize this as well and send you asset of apostilled documents, by post, to any country.

So: How to order ?

Email us about your wish to set up a limited company, with all the details of the appointed person to whom we should address our invoice (You will receive an email invoice from us within two working hours which can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal)

Complete and email our company registration application form back to us with all the required info we need to proceed and you will obtain your limited company ready within 24 hours

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited liability partnership (LLP) is a form of partnership which has been introduced in the country in 2001. With the passage of time, this Limited liability partnership (LLP) has managed to become quite popular in the world of business. Limited liability partnership (LLP) is allowed to be engaged in all lawful actives except for one and that is charity. The basic principal on which LLP works is the income on which the tax is paid by every of the partner. Each partner has the responsibility to pay his own share in the state of residence. Although there is no need of the partners to stay in the state but the address will be mentioned in the financial statements and accounting records.

The situation in which you are a partner of Limited liability partnership (LLP) and at the same time not a resident of the UK, than according to the laws of the country regarding income and tax, you will be responsible for to have a partner which lives in British. A Limited liability partnership (LLP) can work with either individuals or implementing partners who should engage themselves in the legal entities. But the government provides any LLP formation with the facility to have some residency partners outside the country. The type of partnership should use the name Limited liability partnership or the abbreviation LLP.

The Limited liability partnership (LLP) has the requirement of at least two partners whereas LTD has the requirement of only one party. According to the law, if the number of partners in a company decrease from the minimum level the company will be either ceased or it must increase the number of partners again. In the process of adding new partners, the composition may change.

Each of the partner in a Limited liability partnership (LLP) is responsible only for his own actions. He has to pay taxes according to the shares. He is not responsible for the actions and taxes of the other partners.

Requirements for the Limited liability partnership (LLP):

For getting your Limited liability partnership (LLP) registered you need to have the following documents and information:

  • The names of the partners, their uniqueness will be checked in the Companies House later.
  • Copies of the partners and the confirmation of the residency area for the Limited liability partnership (LLP) partners.
  • The address and other information of partners
  • Information about the members who are designated
  • Size of the LLP authorized capital

The online registration will take only 24 hours and after that, you will find your company available in the State register. The partnership will be considered to be applicable shortly after the registration process. After the registration, the following receipts will be sent:

  • Partnership agreement
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificates of partners.

Order an LLP:

If you want to register your LLP than contact us. We perform all the work manually. All you need to do is provide us with the name of an LLP to whom we will coordinate. The payment will be done by PayPal or you can also transfer it through the bank. After that, you will receive a form to fil. After we receive the form we will get started with the registration process and we will email you the new partnership in 24 hours.

Feel free to contact us for free advice.


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