Persons who are interested in starting a company in the United Kingdom should learn the basics of this process. Of course, hiring a financial advisor and expert in this field is always a good idea, but learning about this process will help everyone. This is especially true for those who want to get involved in company formation with registered office. This is a special kind of company formation that we will explain in this article.

Company formation with registered office: What’s the meaning of the registered office?

For those who didn’t know, a registered office is the address of a company formed and registered under Companies House. This address serves as an official company address. The same goes for organizations or other legal entities. To put it in simple words, the registered office is the place where reminders, letters and other official documents from Companies House are sent to companies. In the United Kingdom, business owners can have a registered office in literally any place in England, Wales or Scotland.

Why use company formation with registered office?

The possibility of registering a company without a registered office has made many people wonder why they would want to select a registered office. Well, there are many advantages of company formation of this type. First and foremost, it is mandatory for individuals or group of persons to have this type of office in case they want to start an organization. It is required to have a real postal address if you want to run a company. As already mentioned, every statutory mail must be sent to a registered office. Without it, there cannot be official correspondence. Keep in mind that the registered office is not the same as the location where the business is headquartered and where the main business activities are run.

Another great reason why someone might be interested in this option is that having a registered office gives you a chance to manage a business in the United Kingdom without being present there all the time. in other words, this is an ideal solution for overseas business people. Thanks to a good service provider, you should be able to find a valid address for a registered office. They will also take and send the mail received to the address to the business persons. The best part is that you can arrange all these things over the Internet.

The legal aspects of company formation with registered office

We have already highlighted the fact that there are specific legal aspects related to this kind of office and company formation. Learning more about these things will help you manage a business in the UK without any problems. For starters, the registered office must be registered with Companies Registry. Next, the address you’ve sent must be real and verified. Furthermore, the company name must be clearly displayed to the public (outside the registered office). Finally, the products from the company must have the name of the registered office on them. Company formation with registered office brings many benefits and in some cases, this kind of office and company formation is a must.

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