Documentation of Good Standing a document verifying that:

  • The organization is in incessant existence since its registration;
  • No activity is taken to get rid of it from the sign-up.

More clear and obvious to use the definition  a documentation of lawful potential of a lawful organization. The documentation shows the concrete structure was accepted (unified) in the State Member in the suitable place and accepted to work. Sometimes, it is generally known as a Documentation of Permission (Documentation of Permission) or documentation of existence (Documentation of Existence).

The document shows agreement with the aid of the British state lawmaking, lack of financial obligations to state budget (unpaid taxation and / or consequences to the Organizations Home or the tax authority) and any offenses, appropriate registration of possible changes in the registration documents. With this documentation will be confirmed, and recognized that there are no other court techniques against the organization.

What is the Documentation of Good Standing?

Most often need to acquire Documentation of Good Standing there at the authorities in the following conditions:

  • Opening of an account registered in the UK bank to a British organization with limited responsibility, having a non-resident director;
  • Opening of an account registered in the UK limited organization with a worldwide bank;
  • For the professional and business activities globally, starting globally division office or a certified organization in England to make sure its place and activity over the documentation request;
  • For dealings, for distribution to likely clients, providers, investors meet the details specifications in cases where addresses the issue of the organizations loans.

Achieving a Document

Document issued by the State Registration Chamber of the UK Organizations Home. Data that is entered in the details can be split into 2 categories: the common registration details and knowledge about the present location of the organization. The details will contain the following information:

  • Name and organization registration number;
  • The titles and addresses of all administrators of the organization (if demanded);
  • The titles of all the workers of the organization if they have (if demanded);
  • Approved organization structure (if demanded);
  • Released investment of the organization (if demanded);
  • The titles of all the owners of shares (shares) of the organization and the guarantors;
  • Date of registration (inclusion in the State Sign-up of Organizations Home);
  • Verification that the organization timely obeys to all lawful necessities.

Issuance regarded offering the details to the registered address of the organization in the UK. May get a digital way of the act, but it will not be called the signature of authorized, so the possibility of using details in this way is limited. Organizations Home will not have reasons to say no to issue document if, before a lot of your persistence and attempt time of issue the annual assessment is filed on time, the organization?s taxation are paid in full, and we have one of the following situations:

  • Document requesting a private limited organization with a smallest of one director of a natural person;
  • Document requesting a public limited liability company, which has a clerk and at least two administrators, one of the administrators is a natural person.

If your organization has obeyed with all the necessary conditions, then there are no problems with acquiring Documentation of Good Standing. The legitimacy of Documentation of Good Standing  three months from the date of issue released on the document. After now, you can request of the new date of the certificate if necessary.

Certificates of Good Standing may be associated with more details in the new organization program (Charter Treaty) which need Apostille and notarization. You can order the service to acquire your Documentation of Good Standing in the Sate Sign-up of the UK Organizations Home. We will find the required document and send by email.

apostille service

Apostille  created by the Hague Treaty in 1961, a particularly efficient type guarantees of state documents (judicial, management and other), which are often utilized in global lawful practice. It was made to make simpler the use of the document in any nation globally, decreasing documentation, usually, rises due to the complexness of recognition of global documents. But the type of the Apostille does not apply:

  • Information launched by the providers of diplomatic and consular rank;
  • Information with regards to the popular functions of knowledgeable functions and customs;
  • In the nation, has not joined with up with the Treaty.

About the Treaty

This global agreement was identified in the process of a sturdy company, the Hague Treaty on Personal Worldwide Law, the reason for which is to standardize global law. The provision of the Treaty allows in numerous cases to change the current methods for the certification of global documents (time-consuming and complex process) in an easier way of verification, the instruction to combine the documentation. This certification method is not completely stopped to occur. It reduced only its opportunity.

Presently, members of the Hague Treaty became more than 70 nations, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and the United Kingdom. The Treaty is vulnerable for agreement so that the record of members is able to increase. If all registration rules Apostille documents totally are known as authentic in any of the nation members of the Treaty. Specifically, if you need formal documents to any of the CIS nations (for instance, the Russian school degree) to give to a global company or government agency, you need to launch an Apostille in the nation. If you want to publish the world information?s at the place of property in a Personal Situation of the Treaty (e.g. wedding certificate), will have to get an Apostille globally which launched the information.

What is the Method for an Apostille?

The method contains putting down hypothetically a certain example of the imprint. Instead of an imprint may be applied to distinct information being specialized, properly secured with the unique piece with Apostille sign, designed specified in the Contract 1961 technique. The manuscript of the Apostille can be written in the language of the nation providing the documents. But the top of the page is bonded to be a French-language expression to read out as follows: APOSTILLE (Treaty de la Haye du 5 October 1961).

There are exclusions to the understanding of the documentation in the nation of the source of the documents. For instance, formal documentation launched by state organizations reliant British locations may be Apostilled in London, UK.

Every nation member of the Treaty alone discusses specialist to launch an Apostille chosen for this body. In the UK, this right is blessed with the authorization division (Authorization Office) Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are no unique specifications to the person who is asking an Apostille on introducing the document, no. Released in regards to with the rules of the Treaty, an Apostille imprint verifies the signature of the certified with the details, the signatory abilities and publishing stock (imprint) on the unique, the total amount of those details.

What is needed for an Apostille?

Normally, Apostille essential unique documents will be in our hands, if you instruct the registration of the British company structure. For business documents, if the timeframe of registration of the business has been more than one year in the UK need Authorization of Good Standing, verification of the existing place of your company.

Apostille constituent documents of the British company you can actually signify in Russia federation or worldwide to ratify the Treaty (for instance, for starting an agent office, a division or a standard bank account). The company (Veles House Ltd) provides the whole system of document Apostilled once you have approved your company with us in England.

Business Services

Confirmation Statement (Annual Return) Managing Service

Our annual return managing service expenses 40 (for up to 10 investors) allows you to manage other organization issues while we manage your annual return for you and send them across to The Companies House. Our price contains the 13 necessary online managing fee due to The Companies House.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an annual return?

Once annually, you have to table any organization changes to The Companies House, or if nothing has occurred, validate this fact to Organizations Home. It is the Registrars way to keep up to date with the organizations activities, and also offers members of the community of what is going on regarding the identification of the administrators and investors.

Failure to publish an annual return or failure to create the return quickly is an illegal felony for which the administrators of an organization can be billed. The registrar might also think that the organization is no longer effective and aim to fight it from the Organization Sign-up.

How often do you have to publish an annual return?

This is not a technique question! An annual return has to be sent to Organizations Home no later than 28 days after the first anniversary that an organization is integrated, and thereafter a decade and 28 days from the last annual return.

If you are so targeted, you may publish an annual return early. But this does have the impact in offering ahead deadline for your next annual return until a decade and 28 days after the initial date.

What does an annual return comprise of?

An annual return needs to comprise of the primary information regarding the organization, such as its name, registered office, organization number, and essential organization activity. It also needs to mention the information of the administrators and organization clerk (if it has one), and the type of organization it is (i.e. public or private, on shares or by guarantee).

If the organization has talked about share capital, the annual return must also give information regarding how the share capital is divided, and who owns it.

If the organization guides are not kept at the registered office, the annual return must also present an area where the primary information can be examined.

The return must also comprise a made up time interval of your present at which information comprised in the return is regarded appropriate. This is significant, because anyone requiring the latest review of the organization may need to look deeper beyond the annual return if it is an old one.

For instance, if you are looking at an annual return in the last month of the year that was registered in June, you need to look at their managing record to ensure that administrators have neither employed nor been resigned and that the shareholding has not personalized. If information has been filed that state that these changes have happened, then duplicates of the appropriate forms need to be acquired to finish the picture painted by the annual return.

You can choose our annual return managing service as an improvement to any organization growth system, or it can be bought distinctly for organizations which are previously established.


Every economic operator in EU should possess an EORI number in order to carry out their operations smoothly. Even if you are an economic operator based outside the EU, you should possess an EORI number when you need to lodge a customs declaration an EU country.

What is EORI?

In simplest terms, EORI is a registration process that gives validity to a certain economic operator that does customs related business with EU countries. As a result of this registration process, the respective vendor will be given a unique identification number. As per the latest amendments, without an EORI registration, you cannot expect customs clearance within the European Union.

In principle, an EORI number is issued to a certain legal identity. It can be a partnership, an individual, a company or a sole trader. If you are already in the UK, your local member state will be determined by the way you have registered under HMRC. After the number is assigned, it will represent you and the shipments throughout the EU countries.

Again, in a much simpler manner, one would say that EORI number is just a number that represents exporters and importers across the European Union. The main intention to introduce such number is to facilitate an effective and smooth identification process during customs processes.

Do you need an EORI number?

If you are an individual, company, partnership or a sole trader and expect to engage in import or exports to or from the EU, it is compulsory for you to obtain an EORI number. In fact, without possessing an EORI number, you will not be able to fulfill the prerequisites of Entry Summery Declaration or Exit Summery Declaration. However, it is always important to remember that only a legal entity can obtain an EORI number; not for branches or separate divisions.

How to get an EORI number?

Obtaining an EORI number can be done either by own or with the assistance of our expertise. As experts who handle business related matters in the UK, we can help any individual, company, sole trader or a partnership to obtain their EORI registration with minimum efforts. We will handle all the paperwork for you and save your precious time enabling you to focus on your business matters.

You don?t always have to be a company or a partnership to obtain EORI registration. Nevertheless, the way you have to register under HMRC will depend on the type of the identity. Businesses or individuals that are not registered for VAT should implement a different strategy than the VAT registered business.

Once the request is accepted and the EORI number is given, you will be able to engage in your exporting or importing process smoothly within the European Union. This respective number will be a key aspect when it comes to customs declaration associated with imports or exports from or to non-EU countries. Once you need an EORI number, it is a matter of contacting us. We will assist you with the entire process.